Private Training is Personal Training at its most basic form.  Many times a client will work with a trainer for a few months, their fitness improves but they don’t achieve the results they really wanted.   From Day 1, we set goals and check them every month.  Progress marks along the way, maintenance check-ins, strength and endurance testing throughout are included--and planned out from the beginning.  Training methods are often subbed in and out along the way, depending on the client and how they're improving.  Fitness takes time...but you can and SHOULD make huge strides in just a few short months while training, whether you're an athlete, someone starting out, or somewhere in between.  

"Off-site" training is available to those that it applies, usually (but not always) high school and collegiate athletes.  This type of training is often done at a local high-school track and field.  Inquire for details on pricing and available hours-- as this may change due to scheduling and availability.  


  • FREE Fitness Consults for every new potential client
  • Special attention and planning paid to your Individual fitness--exact methods and plan of attack is laid out from the beginning after your consult
  • A spirited atmosphere that encourages hard work while limiting stress
  • Comprehensive workout tracking so you can see your progress
  • Affordable prices



  • Full physical consult, including Functional Assessment: $149


  • Talking/walkthrough consult: Free

PRIVATE TRAINING (4 week blocks) 

One-hour sessions    

  • One session: $70       
  • 1x/wk—Four sessions: $240
  • 2x/wk—Eight sessions: $459 
  • 3x/wk—Twelve sessions: $649
    (best value)    

Half-hour sessions

  • One session: $45
  • 1x/wk—Four sessions: $140
  • 2x/wk—Eight sessions: $269
  • 3x/wk—Twelve sessions: $389

*45 minute sessions:  $48 ($43 per session if 3x/week)

All packages on 30-day cycle. All sessions require a 24-hour cancellation notice. Payments for packages made up-front—expire in 60 days. Prices good through 12/31/18.

John Markey   /   (716) 380-1949