Semi-Private Training consisting of 2-3 people is a great way to work out with your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and others to keep your motivation high and make your workouts more fun (and maybe a little healthy competition).  This is also a viable option for somebody who isn’t quite ready for 1 on 1 Private Training.  And best of all, it’s cheaper.  Don’t worry about keeping up with your fitter or more gym-experienced friend if you’re closer to a beginner (or vice versa…)–modifications for difficulty are integrated during the workout


One-hour sessions

2 people: $48 per person (45 min: $40 per person)

3 people: $45 per person (45 min: $35 per person)    

Half-hour sessions

2 people: $28 per person

3 people: $25 per person

All packages on 30-day cycle. All sessions require a 24-hour cancellation notice. Payments for packages made up-front—expire in 60 days. Prices good through 12/31/18.